New Science on Skin Tightening

One of the most common patient concerns I encounter on a daily basis is the issue of skin laxity on the face, neck, and body. Skin laxity is the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. Skin laxity is affected by internal factors such as genetics and hormones and external factors such as sun exposure and environmental toxins. In a market saturated with new devices, finding a nonsurgical solution that actually delivers true results can be challenging.

After extensive research and in-house studies, I found the Endymed Deep Radio Frequency technology to be the best in the market in terms of safety and truly consistent skin tightening results. Endymed Deep Radio Frequency technology is a skin tightening and firming treatment that delivers a multi-source, phase-controlled radio frequency energy that is safe and effective.

With handpieces small and large, I am able to transform different parts of the body from the eyes, face, neck, arms, abdomen, and legs. The treatments are virtually painless without the need for cooling or topical anesthesia. There is no downtime with the procedure. You can go straight back to your daily activities including exercise. The procedure consists of applying a topical gel to the treatment area then gently gliding a handheld device over this area gradually warming up to the desired treatment temperature. We are able to customize each treatment plan according to individual patient needs. Most patients see some improvement after just one session, though full results are seen generally after 4-8 sessions.

How long do the results last?

According to the Endymed Deep studies, patients continued to notice improvement up to 1.5 years after completing the first round of treatments requiring only 1-2 maintenance treatments thereafter. As with any medical aesthetic procedure, you will have optimal and longer lasting results with daily exercise, a healthy diet, adequate hydration, and consistent use of medical grade skin care including daily sunscreen.

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