ThermiVa is a 30 minute nonsurgical, radio frequency treatment which gently heats the tissue with little to no discomfort and no down time, unlike other vaginal rejuvenation procedures and surgical approaches. The gentle heating allows the tissue to rejuvenate collagen which leads to the observed tissue tightening and greater elasticity. Increased vascularity improves natural lubrication and restores nerve signaling, leading to a more satisfying sexual relationship with your partner.

Treatment Indications

  1. Vaginal laxity
  2. Vulvar/labial laxity
  3. Vaginal/vulvar dryness or atrophic vaginitis leading to painful sex
  4. Mild to moderate stress incontinence
  5. Sexual or orgasmic dysfunction

How many sessions are needed?

Three, 30 minute sessions, four weeks apart, are typically required for maximal benefit however many patients notice improvement immediately. One 30 minute session annually is recommended for maintenance of the results.